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Ohio's medical marijuana law: Dazed and confusing


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JAN 3, 2019

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July 7, 2016

THE SUPREME COURT of OHIO Publishes Opinion

Reporter of Decisions - Opinions & Announcements

Published opinion regarding Szuch v. FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.

Case No. OT-15-007

Decided: 2/19/2016

Szuch v. FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.

Author: Erik J. Wineland, Esq.

June 29, 2016

Rule 45 Subpoenas - Using Subpoenas to Obtain

Testimony and Evidence

Click on the link below to view slideshow that was presented by Erik Wineland from Wineland Legal Services, LLC at the Toledo Bar Association Common Pleas Boot Camp on June 24th, 2016.

April 15, 2016

Navigating The Legal World Of Taxes

You just received an audit letter from the Internal Revenue Service… now what? You would like to form a business… but what structure offers the best tax benefits? How does federal and state tax affect your investment accounts? When it comes to taxes, the world is vast and many people can get lost without the right guidance. With so many tax implications out there, it makes sense to have a partner that knows the law.

Accountants are usually our first thought when tax issues arise, but Attorneys are well versed in tax law and can help guide you through the turbulence of an IRS audit, help you determine what tax implications could arise when forming a business, understand your investment tax liabilities or simply work with you on your personal tax filings.

What type tax issues can an attorney help you with?

An attorney can help in an assortment ways regarding taxes. For example, if you are being audited by the IRS, an attorney can communicate with the IRS and determine the extent of the audit. They can provide the IRS with the appropriate documentation and protect you if the facts presented have been misunderstood.

If a crime has occurred such as tax evasion or fraud, an attorney knows the law and understands the legal process. Attorneys will work with the IRS officials on your behalf to file the required paperwork in a timely manner. They will also review in detail any necessary legal proceedings with you and help try to minimize any interest and penalties that may occur. Attorneys can provide you with peace of mind in this complicated and complex area.

How do taxes affect your business?

Attorneys are a great resource when dealing with tax liabilities. For example, when forming a business, attorneys can help you understand all levels of taxes including income, employment, self-employment and excise taxes. They will work with you to structure your business by understanding the tax implications for each type of business, such as the difference between a SCorp and LLC.

Whether your business is big or small, attorneys can help with issues related to property tax, deductions, exemptions and credits the tax laws provide.

Investments are no different. Attorneys can offer guidance over tax planning to both individuals and organizations alike. They can advise you in financial decisions that may result in tax benefits or penalties.

If you are being audited by the IRS or would like more information regarding tax planning or liability in the states of Ohio and Michigan, please call Wineland Legal Services to help you navigate through your tax issues.

Author: Erik J. Wineland, Esq.

March 17, 2016

It Takes More Than Luck To Win A Civil Lawsuit

It is that time of year when the Luck of the Irish is on all of our minds, but it takes more than luck to win a civil lawsuit. When you get to the point and a decision has been made to file a lawsuit, what steps should be taken so that you protect yourself and achieve the resolution you deserve?

First, it is important to understand what a civil lawsuit is. The definition according to is “…a legal dispute between two or more parties.”1 This basically means that civil cases are lawsuits between two people or entities where one feels that the other has harmed them in some way.

What types of cases are considered in a civil case?

Civil cases can involve individuals, corporations as well as public agencies. General litigation involving property damages, contract disputes, class action matters, are just a few examples. Family Law cases such as divorce, custody, and child support are also considered civil cases.

Why do I need an attorney?

Once you decide that you have a civil dispute, it’s time to call an attorney. Attorneys will work on your behalf to file all of the necessary documents needed on the case. They also have the knowledge and experience to do all of the crucial discovery and pre-trial work that could make or break your case. Lawsuits can be complicated and overwhelming if you are not familiar with the process and legal documents required. Not understanding what is needed to reach a settlement or to go to trial could be disastrous for your case. Not even an Irish Blessing could help you if you miss a deadline set by the court.

Keep in mind that attorneys are educated and well versed in the law. When considering a civil suit, don’t just depend on luck. Depend on a strong litigator with the experience to give you the best chance to be successful.

If you are contemplating filing a civil lawsuit or are being sued, please call Wineland Legal Services to work on your behalf.

Author: Erik J. Wineland, Esq.

1 Source: – Civil Cases

February 14, 2016

Getting Divorced?

4 Reasons You Need To Hire An Experienced Lawyer

So you made the difficult decision to get a divorce, now what? Once you have decided that a divorce is eminent, what steps should you take to make sure you protect yourself through this difficult process?

Divorces are never easy, even more so when there are children involved or there are a large number of assets that must be divided. In considering a divorce, remember that this process can be an emotional and difficult one to manage on your own. An experienced attorney can help you in many complex areas, but most importantly they are there FOR YOU.

1. You Need an Attorney That “Has Your Back”.

An attorney is there to assist you and make sure that you receive a fair and just divorce. When deciding on which attorney to reach out to, remember you want someone that will be working on your behalf and will protect your rights. You need an expert attorney that will help guide you through the whole divorce process, from the initial proceedings through the final settlement offer.

2. You Need an Attorney Who Understands the Law.

Laws evolve and change. You need an attorney versed on your state laws and that can explain the laws to you without “legalese”. A knowledgeable attorney can help you submit the required paperwork to the courts allowing them to grant your divorce. Attorneys can help speed up this process because they understand what documents the court and the judge expect to receive. They can also let you know your rights and what you may or may not be entitled to.

3. You Need an Attorney Who Can Make This Process Less Complicated.

Attorneys know what to expect and know the law. Their job is to make this process easier for you. Whether there are custody issues, or asset negotiations, an attorney can offer guidance in the right direction. In many situations, your spouse may have hired an attorney and if you do not have representation, you could leave yourself with a large disadvantage. Attorneys know what to expect and can help alleviate your stress by working directly with your spouse or their attorney to reach an amicable settlement agreement.

4. You Need Your Life Back.

Divorces in general are difficult, so why make the process even more so. An attorney is the expert in the law. By working with an attorney, you will immediately begin to gain some semblance of who you are and what you deserve. An attorney is there to protect you and your family throughout the entire process. More importantly, an attorney can help you end this chapter of your life and begin a new chapter.

If you are contemplating getting divorced, please remember to do your research and call Wineland Legal Services to work on your behalf.

Author: Erik J. Wineland, Esq.

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